Angus Awards in Chronological Order
Angus Campbell awarded life time membership and Annual Award in his honour 2000.
Angus Campbell Award first recepient picked by Angus. Jack Greening 2000.
Angus Campbell Winner 2001 Lenore Neis awarded posthumously.
Angus Campbell Winner 2002 Lynne Taite.
Angus Cambell winner 2003
Jean Dunlop
Angus Campbell winner 2005 Bill Logue.
Angus Campbell winner 2004 
Therese Groat.
Angus Campbell Winner 2006 Barb Robinson.
Angus Campbell winner 2007
Fred Eliasson 
Angus Campbell Winner 2008 Mary Rowland 
Angus Campbell Winner 2009 Russ Dann 
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 2006 Kristin Wilkie.
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 2007 Diane Wooden.
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 2009 RaeAnne Napper.
Mary Muir Bursary Award in Chronological Order
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Angus Campbell Winner 2010 Micheal Woods
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 2010 Jonathon Plaisier
Angus Campbell Winner 2011 Glynis Clarke
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 
2011 Rick Parsons
Angus Campbell Winner  2013
 Foster Monson
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 
2012 Teresa Walker
Recovery Day Luncheon
 Saskatoon 2014
Recovery Day Luncheon 
Prince Albert 2014
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 
2013 Kirsten Barss
Mary Muir Bursary Winner 
2014 Shauna Kennedy
Angus Campbell Winners  2014
Dr. Peter Butt & William Woods
Angus Campbell Winner 2015
Rand Teed
Recovery Day Luncheon Activities
Regina & Saskatoon Gallery
Angus Campbell Winner 2016
Laurel Mackie